The book by Dr. Ramesh Kapadia Heal Your Heart can be downloaded free from website :

Narayan Sheth (Ph.D.)

Former Director IIM Ahmedabad, India
I was introduced to Dr. Kapadia in 1994 with a
history of triple vessel blockage and advice for
immediate bypass surgery. I promptly earned from him a totally reassuring prognosis of active good-quality life with the UHP regime so convincingly presented in this book. I have since then led a healthy life in peace and bliss to be able to record gratitude at age 80. The rare combination of clinical wisdom and spiritual intuition incorporated by Dr. Kapadia in his unique craft of healing has enriched the lives of his large cohort of patients like me both as patients and human beings. I may add a related thought; I have exhilaratingly witnessed over the years how noble and fulfilling the practice of healing can be if it is practiced Dr. Kapadia’s way.


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