What made you introduce UHP in your practice?

While treating coronary heart disease patients and advising them to make lifestyle changes, like
giving up smoking, giving up excessive use of alcohol, and losing weight, we felt that patients change their lifestyle out of fear of the disease, whereas practice of Universal Healing Program empowers them to change their lifestyle without a sense of deprivation and reduces the fear of disease. All studies related to coronary heart disease done to date have shown conclusively that beta-blockers which reduce sympathetic activity are helpful in preventing heart attack. Beta-blockers only partially neutralize the harmful effects of increased mental & physical stress. UHP appears to be a beta-blockerpar excellence. It helps to control all the harmful effects of stress and helps the therapeutic measures to prevent plaque rupture and plaque stabilization. It heals isolation, reduces hostility, self-centeredness and cynicism – proven toxins to the heart and body as a whole. The program provides a successful cost- effective integral approach to management of coronary heart disease.

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