What are the guidelines for prevention of heart attack?

Maintain normal weight. Follow regular moderate exercise like walking on a level surface for 40 minutes daily or at least 5 times in a week. Avoid tobacco in any form. Avoid unaccustomed heavy exertion immediately after meals. Keep blood pressure below 130 / 80, blood sugar 2 hours after meals below 140 mgm, total cholesterol below 150 mgm, HDL cholesterol above 45 mgm and LDL cholesterol below 70 mgm and trigly cerides below 140 mgm. People with a strong family history of coronary heart disease should have a ratio of total cholesterol to HDL below 4 and a ratio of LDL to HDL below 2. Regular practice of Shavasana and Meditation is a proven antidote for the harmful effects of physical and mental stress.

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