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What made you introduce UHP in your practice?

While treating coronary heart disease patients and advising them to make lifestyle changes, like giving up smoking, giving up excessive use of alcohol, and losing weight, we felt that patients change their lifestyle out of fear of the disease, whereas… Read more >

Abdominal Brain

The ancient Indian and Chinese texts are full of references to chakras in our body. These chakras were considered to be the seat of mental, physical and spiritual health of the individual. Lately, a chakra, just behind and slightly above… Read more >

How do you meditate?

Sit down in a relaxed manner, close the eyes and simply concentrate on breathing. Thoughts may come and go but remain unconcerned. Breath is life. When you are breathing, it is not only air that you breathe in; you breathe… Read more >

What is yoga?

The purpose of yoga is to bring about the relaxation of the body and the mind. It is easier to relax the body than the mind. Moderate stretching exercises followed by relaxation, makes the relaxation easier. When the body relaxes… Read more >